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Innovate, Get ahead of the curve, create a new segment, onboard new technologies, improve productivity, create cutting edge marketing campaigns, fill in for an Executive who just left, drive a cultural change

We drive your innovation and define what is the most relevant for your business. We are versed in the all the newest technologies like AR/VR and AI. We pioneered a lot of new products implementations, when they were still at their infancy. We identify M&A and partnerships relevant to your business and strategic to fasten your innovation.

We streamline your structure and improve your processes for more efficiency and better results.

We use technology to power cutting edge marketing tools and campaigns that will help you differentiate and gain market shares.

We are your CDO (Chief Digital Officer), CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) looking at your overall organization and blending Technology, Marketing and Product for the highest results.



Acquire a new asset, Optimize your portfolio, Get one asset ready for sale

We analyze positioning, pricing, organization skill sets, structure, technology stack, competition, potential and provide recommendations.

We help you turnaround some assets when they need help. We position and lead one of your companies following the end goal (development, restructuring or short term sale).

We help you grow your portfolio by providing the support necessary to go to the next phase.



Develop your network, Optimize your marketing, Launch your franchise

We optimize your marketing across your network to increase it. We develop efficient strategies for your network of franchises. We coach them on optimizations and how to best use the tools. We align the strategy, the tools and increase the efficiency across the board to strengthen your brand and drive higher revenues for each of your franchises. 

We can support the franchisor, the area developers or the franchisees.



Need a part-time CMO or VP of Marketing to get a head start

We provide you with an interim or part-time executive to put you on the growth trajectory.

We have all the infrastructure (SEM, SEO, designers, contents, developers...) we need to make things happen and do not require you to hire anyone. 



Reinvent yourself, regain momentum

We review your Marketing strategy and costs and optimize them. We guaranty we can do more with less!

We drive your Digital Transformation. We provide you with the keys to get to the next step with financial modeling, business case, systems and partners selection, and operationalization of the change.

We create your next growing curve in your product lifecycle to give you new assets in a declining market. We define a new business and develop the new structure.

We are your CDO (Chief Digital Officer) or your CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for the time of the transformation until we pass the baton to your team, which we would have structured and ramped up for your new life.



Want to enter the American or European market

We provide you with the connections, advice, market specificities, competition analysis, tactics and operation to take on your new target market.

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