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For Service Design, we define more than an interface user flow but also the full customer experience and how the customer is being taken care of.

Service or consumer goods organizations are now only able to differentiate themselves via the customer experience they provide. Customers no longer look for products that they can find everywhere, they look for the service they receive from the organization which sells the product. Getting it right is now at the heart of the game.


We flesh out your customer path from the time they think about you until they become your advocate. We analyze each step and understand how your organization is interacting with your customers. This analysis highlights the inefficiencies and where and how you are losing your customers. This tool is invaluable when your goal is to increase the quality of your customer service, improve your operations and identify challenges.

We do also work on designing what would be the optimal service flow. How do you compare against the competition? How is your service going to help you differentiate? What steps can you implement to become a customer-centric company?


If you do not win in Service, you will not win. 

''Service'' is a product by itself. Either you are selling a service, and not only the service itself but the whole customer experience around the service, or you are selling a product and your customer is also expecting a service with the purchase of the product.

Organizations too often neglect their service or reduce it to their customer service without thinking that, the marketing they do or the medium they use is also part of the service. For example, customers expect to have an eCommerce site. This is also a service you are offering them because it means you are extending your store hours, you prevent them from a trip to a location, you help them research, you answer their questions and much more. Sending an email, if the information is relevant, can also be a service to your customer by bringing him an added-value. Having a Chatbot or using AI is bringing a service, as customers do not wait to get an answer to their questions. How do customer interact with you for a return, how long do they wait to receive their product, do they receive emails when their shipment is delayed? All these are examples of what needs to be considered to offer a perfect service.

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