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Culture at the Core - A playbook for digital transformation in a changing world
Digital transformation is more than a new digital business model or process; like any substantive change, it is cultural at its core. The goal of transformation – to reinvent the organization – is an inherently risky prospect in itself. During the pandemic, the stakes were raised, and suddenly, organizations were forced to accelerate digital transformation in order to survive.
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Gen Z Report
Gen Z is the newest generation and accounts for nearly 68 million people in the US or 25% of the total population and represents 40% of all consumers. They are the largest population segment which is projected to hit $33 trillion in income by 2030. Who are they? What characteristics are important to know for brands to succeed? 
Personal Finance Management in a Digital Age - For High School and College Students
Kids need to become financially educated. They do not get this education at school or in college but still need it desperately as they navigate life. High School and College Students about Personal Finance/Money Management in a Digital Age is providing them the basics they need to know.
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