Use these FREE self-analysis tools to assess your Digital position
The ''Digital Marketing Score'' tool provides a high-level analysis of your digital marketing strategy.
Your score gives you an understanding of where you stand and if you are using digital marketing efficiently. 
*The results are based on how you are assessing your marketing and not based on a deep consulting evaluation done by VDI.
Each score is rated out of 120.
For each result, we added a series of questions to help you think further.
This tool uses a VDI proprietary methodology.
The ''Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment'' tool is more advanced and is assessing the state of your digital transformation across all elements.
*This assessment is based on the input you are providing and not on a deep consulting evaluation that VDI would have done, specific to your business.
Each score is rated out of 180
  • People & Culture: 20
  • Innovation: 32
  • Strategy: 30
  • Organization Structure: 24
  • Data: 32
  • Process: 20
  • Customer Experience: 22
This tool uses a VDI proprietary methodology.