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What is Tik Tok?

Maybe you heard about Tik Tok as a new social media platform. Tik Tok is about short funny videos posted by users.

Customers are on social media, so businesses have to be where their customers are. They need to stay top of mind and create an omnichannel marketing strategy to reach them at the right time, with the right message.

When advertising in the US, YouTube and Facebook remain the biggest platforms for B2C.

Not all social media platforms are equal. Some are more suited for a segment or an industry than others. For example, if a company is selling consumer goods and its target market is 15-24 it makes certainly sense to be on Tik Tok.

Some are better to reach out to women than men.

It is not sufficient anymore to just be on Social Media. Here are some guidelines:

  • Be on social media and have a consistent message across all channels so that the customer is not confused. You want your customers to take a specific action so funnel them directly to this action.

  • When you start on social, you need to be present and post frequently. It is not good enough to just be there but to not participate. It is recommended to post 3 to 5 times a week a minimum on each channel.

  • It is important to consider which channels are going to provide the best results. Based on goals and target audience, some channels are more meaningful than others.

  • Analyze how the platform is performing for the brand and then optimize. Try different things and see what resonates best with your customers. Try the same content on different platforms. Always check the data. Record what piece of content is creating the most engagement and build on it. It is not good however to only do the same type of content just because it worked. Your customers might get bored and it might not resonate with everyone.

  • Do not forget to create content that can appeal to different audiences of your funnel. Some are here to get to know you while others are recurring customers for example.

  • Create quality content on social. Imagery, brand identity, the meaning of the content so that it sticks. It is not because an image is nice that it will perform.


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