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Stop failed or partially achieved digital Projects, save time and money. We pride ourselves on our quality of execution. Digital transformation requires a unique blend of Product, Marketing, Analytics, Processes, Culture, and Technology. Get the help of experts, who will get it right for you, each step of the way. One project or your one-stop-shop, we can amend or be your marketing team.



  • Ecosystem analysis

  • Process mapping

  • Technical discovery

  • Business alignment

  • Systems analysis

  • Marketing analysis

  • Digital Enablement

  • User research

  • Customer journey

  • Personas


  • ECommerce Platform Migration and Build

  • Websites creation

  • Integration and Customization with other systems (ERP, BI, POS, CRM...)

  • Omni-channel

  • Product and Service Design

  • Process and Platform Optimization

  • Marketing (SEM, content, social...)

  • ECommerce operation

  • International

  • Emerging Technologies


  • Data migration

  • Data governance and integrity

  • BI and AI Integration

  • A/B test and optimizations

  • Personalization and Recommendation algorithms

  • Social data

  • Predictive customer modeling

  • Attribution and visualization

  • Data science and AI


We are the glue that holds all your digital components together. No SEM agency is good without proper internal directions, no SEO is good without the right site experience, no marketing campaign is efficient if not omnichannel, no development makes sense without marketing goals, no consulting is good if it does not know the impact on the operations, no technology can be recommended without knowing the goals and limitations of the organization, no strategy can be developed without the data, no AI solution gives good results without right input. We bring it all together. We help you lead all the digital pillars but can also help in the execution as a one-stop-shop for your business. We can cover all your needs and become your marketing team, without the hassle. It is rare to find all this expertise under one roof but we believe that it is the only way to win in digital.



We started setting up our online store thinking we could do it easily ourselves. We are happy we got the right help at the right time as we were heading in the wrong direction. The team saved us time and money and they helped us far and beyond our expectations. We doubled our revenues after  3 months by launching our online store.

We failed 3 times at implementing our Salesforce Suite internally and with different agencies. Our data was not matching across the board. We neglected a lot of the business needs so we could not get adoption from our teams. VDInnovation cleaned up the situation and finally brought us to the finish line, this time for good.

We did not realize that building an eCommerce was more than just a store front. VDInnovation created the right architecture, helped us make the right choices and plugged in all the systems together. They thought about everything we did not think about. They gave us control over our business and made it simple.

We are technology agnostic and use...

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...and more.

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