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Understanding where you are, where you want to go, and what to do to achieve the goals are the stepping stones to a great implementation.

We are using robust tools and methodologies to analyze all aspects of your business and come up with the best recommendations. We are not here to push you to buy services so we will always treat your company and your budget as if it was ours. Our expertise and professional honesty will lead you onto the right path.

Ecosystem Analysis

We look at your marketing, systems, positioning, product mix, competition and analyze how you are doing and what you can improve. We create quick wins and long-term goals.

Technical Discovery & Due Diligence

We assist you with systems selection and solution design. We scope your project and create the right roadmap. We build business cases to evaluate and demonstrate the impacts on your business.

Business Alignment

We make sure to align technology and business to create adoption. We gather business requirements and create solution designs.

Process Mapping

We map your flows and document your processes. We identify the gaps and recommend resolutions. We create flows and gap analysis for systems' replacements. We align tools and processes.

Customer Journey Map

We understand how customers are engaging with your brand, the steps they take, and the channels they use. We map the journey and highlight the pain points. We improve engagement and raise your ROI. 

Content Strategy

We define your strategy step by step and bring you very actionable results. We can help with the strategy down to the execution and management of your content calendar. 

Marketing Analysis

Digital X-Ray - Assess if a company can use digital technology more effectively to create new growth opportunities. We dissect all your marketing channels, recommend changes and optimize your marketing budget. We define your personas and highlight your competitive advantage.

Digital Enablement

We create successful turnarounds, growth, and innovative strategies. We reduce costs, optimize your processes, help you acquire new customers and sell more. We align people, processes, data, and infrastructure for a successful transformation. We leverage technology to define relevant and compelling products and marketing solutions. 

We define the right strategies to go international and execute overseas thanks to our dual European, US expertise, and our local presence in both regions.


As a Private Equity, we are constantly evaluating acquisitions. We were very interested in a company distributing digital content. This  was a new area for us so we worked with VDInnovation. They delivered a very thorough analysis of all their channels, digital presence, technology, and team structure.  The level of analysis was impressive. They defined what would be needed for the company to thrive , what were its challenges and what would be needed to overcome them. Their final recommendation was a no go based on their expertise in the field and we followed their advice. 

We were using an eCommerce turnkey solution. Our business was growing so quickly that we needed to bring eCommerce in house.  We  thought it would be an easy task but they gave us the reality of what the project was. They delivered a Business Case, an Architecture Design, a Budget estimate, a systems selection, a  team job descriptions and a transition and project plan. We were well-positioned to make the right decision and to move on with the implementation. We moved on with them and did the full implementation a year after.

They analyzed our digital footprint and efficiency on all channels.  They were the only ones who managed to answer our questions by coming up with a model for us to measure  all our channels, using the same criteria, and be able to understand which one was the most efficient for us. They then started implementing the strategy . The results were outstanding: we cut our marketing budget by half , we optimized our channels and grew our ROAS from 2.27 to 8.75. Our emails saw a revenue increase of  over 60% thanks to their optimizations, A/B tests, and data analysis.

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