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What Key Performance Indicators shall you look at? What reports do you need to look at your business? How to best read and interpret the data you have? What actions to take based on what the data are saying? Not enough data or too many, we help you navigate through them and define what is best for your business.


Defining the KPI

Some KPI are more important than others. Identify the ones that are the main drivers of the business. There are those you need to look at every day and others than can be looked at every month.

It is also important to understand the relationship between the KPI and the impact that one can have on another.

For example, if we want to track SEM revenue but this revenue is gained by losing money, it is maybe not what we want. On the other hand, if we are only trying to show revenue growth and not profitability because of

the stage we are in our development, we would define the KPI differently. We help you define what you need and understand the relationship that exists so that you track what is meaningful.


setting up the reports

Where to get the report from? The system of reference can have its importance for the kind of data we need. How to structure the report, what frequency shall we receive it, what data do we put in it.

A report is like a store and needs to be set up correctly in order to do a good reading of it.

How to make sure that data are accurate and trustworthy? We set up data governance with your teams and do data integrity checks.


interpreting the data

This is where we see the most mistakes and errors of interpretation that can lead the business to make incorrect decisions and be detrimental to its future.

Looking at certain data in isolation can tell a very different story than when they are looked at in parallel with others.

In the preceding example, looking at the SEM revenues is different from looking at the revenues and the ROAS together. One would tell you that all is good, the other one might tell you that in fact, there is a serious issue.

We help you learn how to read your data, identify the issues and define with you what should be the right story supporting your goals and not use misleading data.

Data are very powerful, but they can also be very dangerous and lead you in the wrong direction.


refining the data

Data evolve as you change strategies, as you grow and as you adjust your goals. They need to be tested and optimized in order to make sure we get the answers to our questions.

Data are also about testing a lot. We set up A/B and multi-variates testing, learn and promote the winner. We, therefore, can play with a lot of different data. Content, position, imagery, channel, type of page, frequency...can impact differently depending on your customers and the specificities of your business. Our goal is to optimized them all and provide you with the highest possible efficiency for your business.

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