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How to benefit from Artificial Intelligence? Want to increase your ROI by being more relevant to your customers?

Use the power of new technologies by getting help defining the right solution, setting it up correctly, and generating the expected results.

Better customer targeting has shown to generate 5 times more revenues for a single touchpoint than mass marketing.


Every AI solution is as good as the human behind it. As we tend to say about data computing: ''garbage in, garbage out'', which means that the systems can only spit out good data if it is fed good data in the first place.

We help you define the right goals, prepare the data input and variations, and select the right AI solution.


AI needs time to learn about behaviors. It requires to be monitored if it is getting in the right direction. Some optimizations are needed until the algorithm reaches full relevancy.

Human intelligence is to set up and steer the machine in the right direction goes along with optimizations.


Audiences definition with customer insights

Customers behaviors predictions

Demand and Inventory forecasting

Ads placements and relevancy optimization

Content and promotions (micro-moments) personalization

PPC spent optimization

Push notifications management

Content creation

Emails curation for personalization

Churn prediction and smart customer engagement

Search improvement with image recognition and language processing

Chatbot and Concierge powering

Warehouse pick packing

User experience analysis

Recurring patterns and issues identification

Fraud detection

Customer service improvement

Social media monitoring

UGC syndication

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