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There is no company that does not need data. Data is at the heart of every business and mastering it is critical. We are, in fact, becoming more and more datavore. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence push even further what one can learn and do. Having bad data for a business is like having no compass for a sailor. In our practice, we analyze, we crunch, we optimize, and we implement data. From small to big projects, Data is always at the heart of it all. We know data. We had the first patent for presenting recommendations using an algorithm capturing customer social data. We know how to get the most of AI solutions and balance AI and human intelligence.

Data Migration

When re-platforming you want to keep your data. We help you gather all your data, format them for ingestion and organize them in the new environment.  

A/B Test and Data Optimization

The market is changing faster than ever so you constantly need to test and learn to keep your position. We optimize emails, landing pages, website pages by using multi-variates, A/B test content, titles, locations, frequency..., and promote the winner to production.

Data Governance and Integrity

We check the integrity of your data across all systems. We structure your data and reports based on your main criteria and we make sure to define the right systems of reference. We define a process for data changes and deploy it across your teams. 

We have the tools to secure your data and your infrastructure and will help with cybersecurity.

BI and AI Integration

We work on your KPI to define the right reporting structure and we introduce technology to get a smarter and automated targetting and analysis.

Personalization and Recommendations

We develop targeted marketing, recommendations and help you be more relevant to your customers based on their browsing history, past purchases, expressed social interests, intentions, and emotions presented to specific content. We use AI, ML, and human intelligence.

Tailored ROI

We help you use your data to create relevant business models and drive your business efficiently. Data can tell you a lot but it can also be dangerous if not used correctly. We tailor your reports and build them to fit the way you are looking at your business by creating tools and data analysis that make sense to you.

Data Science and Visualization

We define audiences and predict behaviors. We highlight your trends and show them visually.


We are a franchisor and were living a data nightmare as none of the data was matching across the systems. Reports reconciliation was taking us a long time and nobody ever trusted the results. VDInnovation started to define the key data we needed, the systems of reference and then put in place a full process and data governance across the organization. For the first time, we had reports that we could trust and be able to send to our franchisees . 

By implementing recommendations and making the right optimizations we saw 30% of our revenues coming from recommendations only. We analyzed further and extended the optimizations to emails. We also analyzed triggers based on customers social behaviors. 

When we decided to go omni-channel. This is where we realized the state of our data and that we needed to do a deep clean up. We also learned that defining our data structure is critical and can highly impact the implementation. We learned it the hard way on one of our projects. We rushed our data design and it was way more complicated to get it cleaned up afterwards rather than if we had structured our data correctly from the beginning. 

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