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Who is your target audience? How is your customer behaving? What are his pain points? Where is he? What channels will be the most efficient to target him? How to better focus my offering?

Too often, companies are having a hard time defining their audience and getting the right results from this audience.

We define the 80/20 personas, their characteristics and how to be the most relevant to them.

First thing first, who are you selling to?


Too broad or too narrow, we define the right target for your business using a series of inputs: surveys, focus groups, competition analysis, current customer behaviors, and data points.

Looking to expand your business and need to understand what is your next best target market, we help you define this new segment.

Each business can have multiple personas, so we prioritize them and give you a visualization of who your primary personas are and who your secondary ones are.


You need them to do relevant targeting marketing and bring relevancy to your customers. By being relevant to them, you sell more.

AI and Machine Learning give data points but you want to influence the algorithms in the right direction by providing the right inputs to them.

Either AI/ML computes the existing data and continues in a direction that might not be the most efficient segment for you or AI/ML spits out predictive behaviors and you need to feed the system some inputs so that it leads you in the right direction.


Creating relevancy means targeting your personas with the right message via the right channels.

There is no such thing as one fits all but while targeting you need to make sure you remain consistent.


We A/B test, optimize, and refine messages, titles, colors, content, duration... providing the highest efficiency for your positioning using a combination of human inputs and AI tools.

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