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Before starting any project, we need to make sure you select the right systems that will answer the specific needs of your organization. 

We know how critical this phase is for the total adoption and overall success of the project. 

We run this process in total tandem with technology AND Business. 

Half of Digital Projects fail because technical discovery and due diligence are neglected or simply omitted. Understanding and mapping your needs properly requires the right expertise. This phase is technical but also very much human. Rallying the teams and functions of the organization, and gathering requirements from all parties is the mastery of what we do and the tools we developed over the years are what makes us successful.



Process mapping


business case

systems analysis



gap analysis

Project scope




We do an agnostic analysis of the solutions

Each organization is different so we do not reuse simply what we did in the past - we adjust it carefully

We favor out-of-the-box functionalities over development from scratch

We create realistic and achievable project plans

We never look at processes in isolation

We streamline processes and make them simpler 

We will always ask the questions you do not

We always favor simple and efficient solutions

We never leave any function behind

We understand resistance to change and know how to handle it

We will always provide you with the most honest recommendation, the simplest and the most effective one

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Let's talk about solutions for the goals and needs that best fit your company to enter and progress in the digital space. 

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