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We are and will be forever pioneers. We help you embrace new technologies and integrate them into your strategy. We love building new experiences. We were social media pioneers, we created the first social commerce platform, we defined the first social recommendation algorithms, we built one of the first IoT experience, we built the very first VR-commerce platform. If your goal is to work with innovators and lead the way, you found the perfect partner. 


Retailers, e-retailers, brands, designers

A pop-up store for a special event, for VIP customers, for a promotion, for the launch of a new collection, for the launch of a new brand

store for customers, who do not have access to a closeby store (no store in AL...)

A store to open a new market (want to develop in China, in Europe...)

Show the behind the scene of the creation of a specific product (bioproduct, a cosmetic product, a technical product, a designer studio...)

Show how the product is performing in a real situation or for the customer to try the product (tires on the road, ...)

Train the associates better and quicker in a specific department (sales to be in situation, cashiers, fulfillment, designers...)

In-store entertainment

Configurator to chose a product

Restaurants, farmers, food brands, groceries

Present the restaurant and let the customer get the experience and see the food that is being served

Show the process of creating a high-quality produce

Show the process of creating packaged meals and allow the customer to buy them

Train certain professionals to use certain products or perform certain tasks

Show the concept of a restaurant or of a grocery

Sell a coming harvest, product...(pre-order)

Dental, Surgery, Hospitals, Centers, medical equipment manufacturers and distributors, research labs

Before/After experience where the surgeon can take a picture of the patient and make the changes in real-time to show him how he would look like after the procedure

Walk the patient through the procedure in order to remove fears

Let the patient experience the treatment with a gamification component for faster recovery

Let patients picture themselves in positive environments so that they can recover faster

Patients can see themselves recovered so that they have a goal to reach

Train personnel to certain procedures, activities or situations

Show products functioning so that it is easier for reps to sell the product (that are often not portable products)

Show the research process and the results in order to give a better demonstration and do a more effective fundraising

Artists, singers, sport players, sports leagues, sports events, movie studios

Create a fan shop where the customer can be in the middle of his favorite team (can be at a concert, a game...) and talk with the players and buy their stuff

Create a fan experience where the customer can talk with the celebrity and buy his stuff and receive an autograph

Create an experience to showcase the work of specific artists like painters

Create a shop for a movie where the spectator is in a movie scene and can buy the goodies related to the movie

Hotels, timeshares, B&B, theme parks, cruise lines, airlines, events organizers, outdoor experiences, cities

Show the facilities and get the customer the feeling he is there

Let the customer experience a specific venue and make reservations

Get a game for a specific venue or for a specific resort that can be available in the location or remotely

Train the associates to perform certain tasks

Demonstrate the process of preparation (for a wedding for example) and show the bride that this can be hers so that she can dream

Franchises, multi-level marketing

Let customers experience what the service is about or what the product is about

Create an experience to acquire new franchisees by demonstrating a tour of the locations, a tour of the concepts and what it would mean for them

Train new franchisees on how to use the system

Create a training tool for the new franchisees' employees to get faster operation

Create a VR catalog for multi-level marketing for reps when they do not carry all the products with them during their appointments

Real estate, builders

Create virtual tours of a building to sell the different apartments available

Create an experience showing how the construction will look like once finished for pre-booking purpose

Create an experience for the buyers to select the different options they want (countertop color...) and see better how the finish implementation will look like

Financial, beauty, home services & services to people

Tour of the salon or the facility

Create an experience to present a ''game'' related to the service where the customer can practice

Train the employees of the service

Car dealers, manufacturers

Put the customer in the car and show the car from all angles

Create a configurator for the customer to see what the car will look like with all the options he selected

Create an AR app providing instructions about how to use that feature when the customer is looking at it on their mobile

Showcase a car before its launches for pre-orders

Nonprofit, Education

Governments, large consortiums

Show the product and how it works for the first meeting (usually these products are not transportable so we can demonstrate better with VR)

Create specific training to experience the product and exercise virtually before using the product in reality

Showcase a specific project before final realization or to get approval

Create an experience to educate where there are one part education and one part practice

Present what the nonprofit supports and put the people in the remote location where for example people are dying so that the experience is real


Create ads to enhance the online and print experience for a specific product

Mitchell Gold VR-Store

Mitchell Gold VR-Store


Integrate into existing IoT

Define requirements and develop a new solution

Merge data

Analyze data sets

Create user-friendly dashboards

Integrate voice into the application

Work on customer (health, security) and retail solutions (geolocation, foot traffic, smart checkout, inventory tracking, customer journey, smart mirrors)) 

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