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Re-platforming for more flexibility or because of a growing business, building from scratch for a new business or a business starting its journey in digital, we take care of your digital platform and its ecosystem integration. 

We do not stop at the storefront, we make sure everything is working seamlessly. 

Our work is to remove the risks for you, deliver your project on time and within budget. We do not take shortcuts so we do not deliver a project with missing pieces. We have high standards and we apply them to the work we do.


We design beautiful experiences with the best User Experience. We know how to combine nice and efficient experiences. Our teams can help you with the full design cycle: research, sketching, user flows, wireframes, prototyping, user groups testing, design.

Technology, Marketing, and User Experience are taken into account while working on your goals.

From content sites to eCommerce, Subscriptions, Mobile Apps, IoT, AR/VR, connected TV, inStore kiosks or experiential tools, we can build what you need.

We first like to use out-of-the-box functionalities offered by the eCommerce platforms but we will customize your experience if needed.


ECommerce is a complete ecosystem and we will integrate it into all other systems: CRM, ERP, EDI, POS, ...

We can set up your full marketing architecture with CRM, lead generation, email...and recommend the solution that will best fit you.

We aim to streamline your processes and human intervention, where we can. 

We have experience with the Salesforce suite (Sales, AI, Marketing), MSF Dynamics, NetSuite, Marketo, Zoho, Bazaarvoice, Power Reviews, Wordpress, Baynote, Certona, Watson, Azure, Persado, Omniture, Google Analytics...

We will build the best architecture for the most efficiency and the best data flow.


Based on your roadmap, we work by iterations and provide you with visibility and transparency along the whole process. We are bringing flexibility to the process and minimizing all risks so we can adjust at any time based on needs and discoveries. Sprints vary between 2 to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. At this time, your project manager will oversee each step.

Design Sprint 1

Sprint 1 preparation

Sprint 1 scope

Design Sprint 2

Coding Sprint 1

Testing Sprint 1

Sprint 2 preparation

UAT based on Use Cases & Bugs fixing

Sign off & Delivery

Daily scrums with team and customer + Customer Training


When re-platforming, the most important element is to set your data architecture correctly. How will data be grouped, which data is powering what, what is the system of reference, how often should it be pushed...

Structuring the data is a major factor in all migration. We will highlight this a lot during the process and make sure this phase is not rushed. A good data structure leads to good development and good quality of deliverables.


We want to test and retest every possible flow with you. We are very focused on quality so testing is very important. 

We are here to minimize your risks and make sure you have a site that can be used immediately, that ensure that your revenues do not drop because of the transition and that your teams do not go through a long learning curve and spend time fixing the system.

We like our work to be clean, efficient and to bring immediate added value to our customers.

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