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We know product development inside and out. We have implemented and re-platformed solutions for more than15 years. In-Store, Online, Mobile and Social, you can be sure that there is not a situation we have not already faced. We were first to implement in-Store pick-up and Ship-from-Store 10 years ago. We developed the first social commerce platform. We developed the first VR-Commerce platform. We moved customers from Legacy eCommerce to SAAS, from home-grown to Magento, from Magento to Websphere, Salesforce Commerce, and Shopify. We built from scratch Shopify, Magento, and Salesforce Commerce sites. We have worked on B2B and B2C solutions. We have integrated with most of the systems you can find in the market. We came up with a large number of innovations in various sectors. Innovation is in our DNA and we like being challenged. With our experience, you are in the best hands to get your project done.

We know Product Development (Online, Mobile, In-Store) and know how to get it right

Warehouse Management/3PL

Storage and WebServices

Payment Gateway

ERP(Accounting, Inventory, Pricing)

POS/Kiosks and inStore digital experiences/pop-up store 

Shipping & International


Call Center


Data and Analytics




Online Marketing (Facebook, Google...)

Migration and Build

We migrate your platform to the one that makes the most sense based on your goals. If you are new to the market, we build your site from scratch, deliver a fully working solution and train your teams. We are using Agile Methodologies and provide you with transparency across the entire process, from design to UAT.

Omnichannel Management

We work on all your channels and make sure to align data and experiences. We build new in-Store experiences to create customer engagement and experiential marketing. We help you experiment with new technologies such as AR/VR, IoT, and help you find the best way to leverage them for your business. We can work on extending your business, setting up pop-up stores and launching new market footprints.

Integration and Customization with other Systems

An implementation is working only if systems are connected correctly and data are flowing as they should. We integrate with your POS, CRM (Salesforce, Marketo, Zoho...) ERP (NetSuite, SAP...), BI (GA, Omniture, Salesforce, PowerBI...), UGC (Bazarvoice, Jive, Hootsuite...), and make sure that your entire ecosystem is working. We integrate and customize front-end and back-end. We offer you the maximum flexibility depending on your needs and cut your project time and budget by being your one-stop-shop. We will always leverage core functionalities first and develop simple and efficient solutions.

Products and Services Design

We know that customer experience is key for a successful project. We bring you the best practices and optimal design for a fast and friendly site. We develop customer journeys and service journeys, identifying how to best serve your customers.

Process and Platform Optimization

You are not satisfied with your conversion rate, the revenues driven by email, your product mix, your business flows, your operations. We will optimize them and make sure you get your business positioned to compete at the highest level. 

If you know that something is wrong but cannot pinpoint it, we analyze your drop-offs and failure points and fix them. We look at your full mix of technology, design, process, operations, and marketing and provide you with the best business optimizations.

ECommerce and Digital Operation

You do not have the resources to manage your website's daily operations (load new products, change promotions, put products on sale...), we can help and take this on for you on a full-time basis or momentarily. If you need a digital executive to manage your digital department, on a fractional basis or full-time, we integrate your teams and take care of everything. When you hire us, you hire a full department with designers, developers, SEO/SEM, merchandisers, marketing, Content, and social media managers. We provide you with optimal flexibility as we can scale up and down the resources you need at any given time and support you in whatever capacity makes sense for you.


It was time for us to do an overhaul of  our systems. We changed ERP, eCommerce , Warehouse systems and implemented EDI, all in a year. VDInnovation arrived after we selected our ERP and eCommerce.  We wanted to go Salesforce Commerce but after  their analysis they recommended us to go Shopify. Looking at our short and long-term needs and our parameters, it was definitely the best direction to go.  

You can tell when an agency masters their art. They implemented and integrated our eCommerce site at light speed, provided us way more features than we could have hoped for and gave us ways to increase our products catalog easily and at no cost . Everything was working perfectly. They trained our team and supported us for all these last-minute small things that we were not mastering yet. We could not have been happier with our choice.

Going digital is full of surprises and there are a thousand things we did not anticipate. Luckily we had the right partner and they led us smoothly through the process. They thought about everything. There is no way we could have been able to do it without their help. They knew how things should work and they also advised us on how to get even better than what we initially anticipated. They worked hard and cared a lot about our success.

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